ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE was established in 1986, after many years of planning and because ever increasing local crime and the loss of Law Enforcement personnel, services and protection to our community.


      ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE has a goal to provide only dependable, high quality, well trained personnel to provide full service for our clients in the community.


      ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE performs many functions in the Safety, Security and Investigations fields.


     ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE provides training in First-Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automatic External Defibrilation (AED) to various companies includung numerous Nursing Homes, Retirement Facilities and the Senior Citizen Council.


     ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE personnel are all state licensed and have many years of experience in Law Enforcement, Security, Investigations and the Fire/medical fields and feel confident in providing services our clients will be proud to be associated with.


      ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE personnel are thoroughly checked for criminal history or inappropriate background and must be bondable and licensed prior to starting our 40 hour training program.


      ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE Personnel are trained in many areas of service including Public Relations, Security Law, First Aid/CPR, Fire Fighting Basics, Weapons care and use, Patrol Procedures as well as company policy & procedure.


      ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE will provide clean cut, well trained, professional personnel, uniformed or plain clothed to provide the services that best meet the needs of you, our client.


      ALERT PROTECTIVE SERVICE has provided services to Wood River Court, McAuliffe Ranches, N.W. Cutting Horse Association, Klamath County Fair, Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair, Klamath Basin Senior Citizen Council as well as many businesses and members of the community.

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